The only way we can defeat the climate crisis is by working together, our main goal with this website is to reach out to other organisations and forge those connections that will make the difference between trying and succeeding.

Design and Manufacture

The core principal of Smart Reflectors is that they are extremely affordable, to achieve this they must be mass produced. If you or your organisation has experience in hardware or mass production please get in touch, it is imperative to our success that we get this bit right.


Cement manufacture, smelting, foundries, kilns… if you work in one of the many industries that currently emit large amounts of CO2 by burning fossil fuels for heat we’d love the opportunity to cut both your fuel bills and emissions. Please get in touch if you think we may help.

Carbon Capture and Utilisation

On their own Smart Reflectors can clearly slash CO2 emissions, but this alone is no longer enough to defeat the climate crisis. To restore our climate we must re-capture huge quantities of CO2 from the atmosphere. We are excited by the possibilities Smart Reflectors offer in powering a number of CCU technologies, making them both affordable and practical. If you work in this field please do get in touch, we would love to hear from you.