…we can defeat the climate crisis, by slashing carbon emissions, cooling the planet and recapturing vast amounts of CO2 from the air. Remarkably, Smart Reflectors enable us to do all of these, while saving you money.


Smart Reflectors simply reflect solar energy to wherever you choose, so in winter they can heat your home by reflecting the sun inside, giving you free energy just like solar panels, but reducing your gas bill not your electricity bill. Each reflector can provide you with over 1kW of power, or over 1MWh of energy a year, so they will pay for themselves many times faster than solar panels. Also, the heat energy produced can be easily stored in the walls of your home or the ground under it, saving expensive additional energy storage solutions such as batteries as with solar panels.


The reflectors can be easily controlled from your smart phone or speaker. If you have solar panels too these can easily be topped up by the reflectors when you choose. In fact anyone you allow with internet can use your reflectors, for a fee that you set, so you effectively become your own energy company, receiving money for selling energy to others instead of having to buy it from a supplier yourself.

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